Pebeo Studio Acrylic Parent - ASST

Pebeo Studio Acrylic Parent - ASST Venta


$ 1,093.00 $ 1,569.00

  • Fine Acrylic paint in vivid and deep, richly pigmented colors with a matt, satin finish; line includes classic, Dyna, flu and metallic colors
  • Thick consistency particularly suited to work in dimension; retains the imprint of brushes and painting knives
  • Can be used alone, mixed together, or combined with Studio acrylics mediums to expand creative possibilities
  • Versatile and adhering, it is ideal for collage, working in layers, mixed media and is suitable for most surfaces: canvas, Cardboard, wood, metal, liquid art panels
  • Available in 62 colors in 100 ml tubes; 50 colors in 250 ml tubes and 59 colors in 500 ml jars